Art Supplies Online

It's true that we're an art supply store, but if you're searching to buy art supplies on our website, you're probably having a difficult time pulling up a good search for the items you need.


Can I buy art supplies online?

The short answer- no. We get a lot of phone calls, emails, and online chats from customers who want to buy art supplies online from us, and sadly we don't sell them online (at the moment). So, if you've been searching for art supplies on our website and are frustrated, the reason you can't find them is because we currently only sell office supplies online. 

We do however have a list of all of our upcoming art classes and even brand names of art supplies that we carry in-store here:

How can I buy art supplies today?

While we understand that not being able to create a shopping cart and check out today is a bummer, we can easily place an order and ship it right to you. The best ways to do this: 

  • Email your order in to:
  • Call your order in: 941-747-2995 and ask for the art deparment

What's the plan for the future?

We're working with one of our main art supply wholesalers to get the most popular art supplies online and available for you to purchase. If you would like to stay in touch and be updated with new information, join our email list here:

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